Rooting a Motorola Defy+ (MB526) with BL7

Recently I had the opportunity to have a go at flashing a Motorola Defy+.

Unfortunately this Defy+ (MB526 had the BL7 (Bootloader) firmware loaded, and conventional methods of a simple root were not possible. This includes RATC, EasyROOT_AAD, and SuperOneClick. sad face

After trying many different methods (and 4 hours later) I discovered the solution posted deep inside the XDA Developers forum for the Defy.

The solution, once found is rather simple and requires the following steps to be made:

  1. BACKUP EVERYTHING using whatever means possible!
  2. Download RSD Lite v6.1.5 + MTK Patch which will be used to flash the stock SBFs/ROMs
  3. Boot into recovery mode by turning the phone off, starting it again with the volume up button held down until a yellow exclamation mark appears, and then press the volume up and down arrow at the same time.
  4. Wipe both the Data/Factory and the Cache and restart the phone.
  5. Download DEFYPLUSU34.5.1-134DFP-231CNSIGNUCADEFYEMARAB1B50AA009.0RPDS03CUSAJRDNGIBRIRD15P015A030_Service1FF which will serve as our base stock ROM that will be flashed over the top of and then start to flash this ROM from inside of RSD Lite.
  6. When done and phone boots, repeat step 3 and 4.
  7. Download the pre-rooted ROM 4.5.1-134 DFP-231 CN Rooted SBF (Part 1Part 2 and then process to flash this onto the phone using RSD Lite.
  8. If all that goes well, you should be presented with a stock rooted ROM!
  9. You can now install 2ndInit Recovery Installer and flash your custom ROMs 🙂

Many link thanks to the following threads: